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Resume Services

by Kimberly with Pen in Hand

My Resume Services Qualities

"Professional, Caring, and Affordable" Resume Services

Welcome to my Resume Services page and thank you for visiting!

As I introduced myself on my home page, my name is Kimberly Laughlin.

We may very well have already met previously through one of my other services.

Resume Writing Services, Resume Revising Services, International Resume Services, Professional Resumes—20% Off. I also offer a 50% U.S. Military Discount.

I work REMOTELY from Saint Petersburg, FL, so wherever you are, I can accommodate you.

My Resume Services Discounts

Resume Writing Services, Website Development, Web Design, and Book Editing—20% OFF. I also offer a 50% U.S. MILITARY DISCOUNT for ALL My Services.

I offer a 50% U.S. Military Discount on all my services, including my Resume Services, because I have a huge heart for those sacrificial, unselfish men and women, and I want to show my appreciation.

Thank you for your service!

Otherwise, I still offer 20% off my Resume Services.

International Resume Services

I had the privilege of revising a resume for a nice man in Pakistan who lives and works there.

It was my first international project. I can now say my services are worldwide!

How did I get from Editing Services to Resume Services?

I decided to include Resume Services as one of the services that I offer through my PEN in HAND Editing division because I have been helping people that I know with their resumes most of my adult life.

I have been producing perfectly polished resumes for my job-seeking clients and saving them money ever since I started offering these services, and I have plenty of great client reviews to show for it.

I also have plenty of client references and samples of my work that I can provide at your request.

Reasons for a New Resume


What will a new resume cost me?

My regular rate for writing you a new resume or revising your current one is $80. Additionally, I am offering a 20% discount, which means you pay only $60, which includes any and all revisions until you are pleased with the results. I also offer a 50% U.S. Military Discount, which means anyone falling under that category pays only $40.

How will I pay you?

I Accept the Following Payment Methods:

VISA, Mastercard, or American Express

paid directly on this website through Stripe Payment Service Provider

or Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Google Pay, or Chime

paid directly to me.

What is the best way to contact you?

📲 Call or text me, Kimberly, at 727-420-2090.

If I happen to be on the other line when you call, you will get a message saying, "This is Kimberly with Pen in Hand. I'm on another call right now. Please leave your name and number in my voicemail or in a text, and I will reply back shortly."

Please make sure to leave me a message either way so I can be of assistance to you.

Or you may email me anytime at:

peninhand@mail.com (not gmail)